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Microwave Tube Research and Development Centre


About Lab

Microwave Tube Research and Development Centre (MTRDC) was established on 30th October 1984 at Bangalore under Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, with a vision to grow as a major Centre for R&D in the field of microwave tubes required for radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems for armed services and as a national centre for R&D on microwave tubes for communication systems. Dr. MD Raj Narayan, Scientist ‘F’, posted from Defence Electronics Research Lab. (DLRL), Hyderabad, took over on 3rd August 1985 as its First Director.

MTRDC occupied the present technical accommodation within BE Complex in the year 1992. The Centre is co-located near the Microwave Tubes Division within the premises of M/s Bharat Electronics Limited, Bangalore, to facilitate continuous interaction between R&D and production teams and a smooth technology transfer process. The JC Bose Microwave Tube Facility was added during 2011. MTRDC residential campus (MTRDC Enclave) with about 45 housing units was built in HMT township, close to the Centre in 2004.

Initially, the focus was laid upon the Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and microwave measurement facilities to establish a strong design capability for meeting the challenges of designing traveling wave tubes (TWTs) for transmitters of different radars and ECM systems and testing of TWT assemblies. Subsequently, the various aspects of microwave tube manufacturing viz microwave engineering, high vacuum engineering, mechanical engineering, high voltage engineering, brazing and welding technology, high emission density cathodes and material science have been mastered. In the recent years, the facilities and technology for high performance Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) has been established. The technologies for TWTs and EPC have been synergized to develop compact Microwave Power Modules (MPMs) and transmitters for Defence systems. Excellent dedicated facilities and core competence in several specific areas for complete development of TWT, MPM and transmitter from design stage to fully engineered devices have been established. A number of helix- and coupled-cavity-TWTs, cathodes, EPCs, MPMs and transmitters have been successfully developed and production of some of these at BE and other private agencies have been carried out.

Limited series of production of S band CCTWT for 3d_CAR, X-band CC-TWT for MMR, MPM for Flight Level Radar of AKASH, MPM for Multi-beam Jammer, EPC for MPM, and cathodes has been carried out at PSU/ Private companies. Induction of MPM in AKASH is a major breakthrough in the achievement of the Centre. MTRDC works in close interaction with the production agency, M/s Bharat Electronics, Bangalore, and has strong linkages with other organizations like IISc Bangalore, BHU Varanasi, DAVV Indore, CEERI Pilani, BARC Mumbai, IPR Gandhinagar, LRDE, DARE, DLRL, DMRL, SSPL, RCI, TBRL, DLJ, and GAETEC to take advantage of their expertise in related areas.


To facilitate ‘EM-POWER to Empower the Defence’


Innovation in design & development of EM-power sources, and modules for advanced defence systems by synergy with academia, research institutions and industry to make-in-India.

Charter of Duties

To conduct Research & Development activities in the field of Advanced Microwave, Millimeter-wave & THz Tubes and Power Modules, High Power Microwaves DEW systems required for Services and other paramilitary forces in the country.

Core Competence
  • Design & Development of High-power Coupled-cavity TWTs and Multi-beam Klystron for Radar Applications
  • Design & Development of High Power Pulsed and CW Helix TWTs for Radar & EW Applications
  • Design & Development of Microwave Power Module and Transmitters for radar, EW and communication
  • Development of Advanced Cathodes of Microwave Tubes
  • Development of High PRF Pulsed Power systems
  • Design & Development of HPM Sources

Dr. S Umamaheswara Reddy

Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre (MTRDC)

DrS Umamaheswara Reddy, Scientist ‘G’, has taken over as Director, Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre (MTRDC),Bangalore on 01 DEC 2018. He holds M.Tech degree in Electronics fromOsmania University, Hyderabad and Ph.D., in Electronics with specialization in Microwave Tubes from Institute of Technology BHU, Varanasi. He joined MTRDC as Scientist ‘B’ in May 1987.

He is the Fellow of Vacuum Electronics Devices & Applications Society (VEDAS), Member-IEEE, Member-Magnetic Society of India (MSI) and Society of EMC Engineers India.

He is the recipient of the DRDO AGNI Award for Self-reliance in the year 2003 and 2013. He has also received DRDO Scientist of the Year award in 2001 for his significant contribution in the field of Microwave Tubes. He has authored/co-authored more than 25 papers in national/international journals & conferences.

Internet Email: director@mtrdc.drdo.in
DRONA: director@mtrdc.bandom


Helix Travelling Wave Tubes

Pulsed X-Ku band Helix TWT for Airborne ECM System

X-Ku band Helix TWT

Coupled-Cavity Travelling Wave Tubes

Pulsed X-band Coupled-Cavity TWT for airborne Radar

Pulsed Ku-band Coupled-Cavity TWT for airborne Radar

Pulsed S-band Coupled – Cavity TWT for ground based radar


M-type cathodes

Electronic Power Conditioners

Compact EPC for transmitter

Microwave Power Modules (MPM) & Transmitters

C-Ku band MPM for Ship-borne EW

Pulsed X-band MPM for Ground based radar

CW Ku band MPM for satellite datalink

Broadband CW transmitter for airborne EW

MTRDC has been granted a Patent on ‘An impregnant cathode composition and process for preparing the same’(sealed on 28 Oct 2011)


  • Modeling and analysis of helix- and coupled-cavity-slow-wave structures, input/ output couplers, magnetic focusing structure, gridded electron gun, and multi-stage collectors including secondary electron effects; Large-signal analysis and Particle-in-cell simulation
  • High frequency Voltage converters and modulators, High Voltage planar transformers
  • CAD of High Power Microwave (HPM) devices and HPM diagnostics instrumentation
  • Thermal and structural analysis
  • Precision fabrication and metrology, vacuum/ hydrogen brazing, induction heating, TIG- and laser-welding, high energy magnetics, special TWT assembly techniques
  • Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) generation and testing
  • Microwave and High Voltage Laboratory for Cold and Hot testing of microwave tubes
  • Environmental testing of microwave tubes and MPMs

Exhibit Details – Indoor

Sl No Exhibit Nomenclature Dimension ( LxWxH) mm Weight (kgs) Power Requirement Additional/ other requirements
01 130 kW S-Band Coupled-Cavity TWT for 3-D CAR A Stall of area 2m x 2m will be sufficient for all these Models -- Nil Two Power Points (220V A C Mains) for T.V. Display
02 Multiple Beam Klystron (MBK)
03 MPM for FLR / TLR
04 125 W Ku-Band MPM for RUSTOM-II
05 Cathodes

Exhibit Details – Outdoor

Sl No Exhibit Nomenclature Dimension ( LxWxH) mm Weight (kgs) Power Requirement Additional/ other requirements
01 No exhibit for Outdoor