Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru

20th (Wed) - 24th(Sun), February 2019

Gas turbine Research Establishment


About Lab

Gas turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) is one of the pioneering Research and Development Laboratories of DRDO under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India. The charter of the establishment is to design and develop gas turbine engines for military applications, besides carrying out advanced research work on state-of-the art gas turbine engines and evolve allied technologies to achieve self reliance for defence application.

GTRE has set up state-of-the art test facilities wherein the gas turbine engines have been tested in normally aspirated and with limited high pressure/temperature entry conditions. The Establishment has a strong team of about 850 technical personnel drawn from various faculties for science and engineering.

Core Competence:
  • Expertise in the field of design, analysis, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance of Aero
  • Engines leading to certification
  • Aero-thermo-mechanical design of Turbo-machinery
  • Conceptual design, performance prediction & simulation of Gas Turbine Engines
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics & Finite Element Structural Analysis
  • Control Law for aero engines
  • Structural & aerodynamic testing and analysis
  • High speed aero engine gearbox
  • Advanced Data Acquisition System
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies
  • Design and Development of Full Authority Digital Engine Control Systems
  • Gas Turbine Material Characterization
Thrust Areas:
  • Concurrent development and certification of modified Kaveri dry engine
  • Design & development, prototype fabrication and qualification testing of Small Turbofan Engine (STFE)
  • Engine & Technology development for Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA)
  • Design and Development of digital electronic control system and control laws for manned and un-manned aircraft
  • lndigenization of Engine Accessories
  • Development of CFD and structural codes & its validation
  • Advanced coating and Blisk manufacturing techniques

SShri. M Z Siddique

SShri. M Z Siddique, a Mechanical Engineer from Annamalai University, joined GTRE, Bengaluru as Scientist ‘B’ in 1988 after completion of one year fellowship programme on “Gas Turbine Technology” from Institute of Armament Technology (IAT), Pune” in 1988. Subsequently he has undergone one year ‘on the job training’ program at M/s General Electric, USA during 1992-1993 on aero gas turbine engines.

Shri. MZ Siddique was associated with the design and testing of axial flow compressor systems. In year December 2007, he was appointed as Project Director (Kaveri). The successful completion of Altitude testing at Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM), Russia and Flying Test Bed (FTB) trials of Kaveri engine in IL-76 aircraft at Gromov Flight Research Institute (GFRI), Russia was conducted under his leadership. For this achievement, he was awarded “DRDO Agni award for excellence in self reliance – Team leader” in the year 2010. In September 2014, he was promoted to the grade of Scientist ‘H’ / Outstanding Scientist.

Shri MZ Siddique has been appointed and assumed charges as Director, GTRE from 11th August 2015.


  • GTX 37 Series Demonstrator engines.
  • Kaveri Aero Engine demonstrators.
  • Kaveri Marine Engine Demonstrator.
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control System (FADEC) for Kaveri Engine & its derivatives.
  • Turbocharger for Battle Tank.
  • Engine Life Counter.
  • Air Turbine Starter.
  • Data Acquisition System for gas turbine engine testing.
  • HF-24 Afterburner.
  • MANIK Engine

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