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Defence Materials and Stores R & D Establishment


About Lab

Defence Materials and Stores R & D Establishment (DMSRDE), Kanpur

DMSRDE is one of the major establishments of DRDO and is primarily responsible for the development of non-metallic materials including textile and light engineering stores required for defence forces. The history of establishment dates back to pre Second World War era in 1929, when a cell was formed to develop and apply efficient scientific methods in production of defence stores & to provide quality assurance. DMSRDE was constituted in its present form in 1976 by the amalgamation of three R&D units i.e. Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Textile & Stores Research & Development Establishment and Defence Institute of Stores Preservation & Packaging. The establishment having come of age is contributing effectively to wards high order of scientific research for developing non-metallic materials of direct importance to different systems vital in present day defence preparedness and also items of direct relevance to the users. Over the last three decades, DMSRDE has attained a high level of expertise in a wide range of scientific disciplines e.g. polymers, adhesives, composites, rubbers, organometallics, lubricants, fuels, anticorrosion process and materials, paints, appliances for visual and IR camouflage, basic textiles and clothing stores, tentage, NBC clothing, light engineering stores, footwear and personal protection. R&D activities are initiated by the establishment either on the basis of requirements projected by the Services or its own keeping in view the futuristic needs and latest emerging technologies and materials in major thrust areas.


DMSRDE to be globally recognized Centre of Excellence to make Country Self Reliant and Leader in the area of Strategic Non Metallic & Specialty Materials.


  • Bullet Proof Jacket
  • Compact Protected Memory Modules of Flight Data Recorder
  • Kanchan Armour for tanks.
  • Glacier clothing.
  • High performance lubricants for aerospace applications.
  • Glycol based functional fluids and coolants.
  • High energy fuels for RAMJET rocket.
  • High temperature silicone coatings and glues for aerospace applications.
  • PEEK-based thermoplastic high performance polymer for aerospace applications.
  • Polycarbosilane-precursor for SiC ceramic.
  • Cardiac catheters.
  • Boot antimine.
  • PU adhesive film for LCA.
  • Camouflage equipments & systems for multispectral range.
  • Advanced combat helmet.
  • Shelters & tentage.
  • Seals & ‘O’ rings for aerospace applications.
  • NBC protective equipments for soldiers.
  • NBC permeable suit Mk IV.
  • Synthetic life jacket.
  • NBC pads for combat vehicles.
  • Microporous insulation materials for Flight Data Recorder.
  • Composite armour panels for ALH.
  • Flex water Bottle Plastic
  • Tin Mess Alloy
  • Water Container Aluminium Alloy

Core Competence

DMSRDE has developed competence in the areas of :

Polymer & Technology

Synthesis & development of conventional & molecularly engineered application oriented advanced polymers &
polymeric blends & transform them into component/products (engineering polymers, high temperature
polymers & conducting polymers etc.)

Composite Materials

Design, development & fabrication of FRP composites with desired functional properties for defence
applications (Ballistic protective, high temperature, structural composites, EMI shielding etc.)


Design, development and evaluation of new generation elastomers & adhesives for strategic & aerospace

Speciality Paints & Coatings

Formulation & evaluation of paints & coatings for strategic applications.

Fiber Science & Technology

Fibres & Fabrics

Design & development of advanced fibres, fabrics & weaves with specialized properties for camouflage, textile,
speciality clothing & shelters for services.


Design & development of speciality coatings & finishes for desired applications.
Design, development & evaluation of carbonaceous micro & nano structured materials like fullerenes,
carbon nanotubes (CNTs), carbon beads, carbon molecular sieves & other carbon structures.

Nanostructured Materials

Design & development of nanotubes of other materials & magnetic, metallic & inter metallic
Design & development of carbographite materials & compenents.

Allied Materials

Synthesis & characterization of organometallic materials & inorganic polymers.
Development & characterization of speciality lubricants & greases.
Development & characterization of hydraulic fluids, recoil fluids & coolants.

Scale up Process to Pilot Plant level

In the areas of :
Organic & inorganic materials.

Characterization of

Polymeric composites
Elastomers & adhesives
Fibres & fabrics
Lubricants & greases
Chemical Structure
Composition & purity
Thermal stability & behaviour
Physical & physico chemical properties
Performance evaluation

Dr. N Eswara Prasad

Dr. N. Eswara Prasad, FIE,FAPAS,FIIM, FAeSI, FAPAM,FInSIS, is an Outstanding Scientist / Scientist H of DRDO and has taken the charge as Director, DMSRDE, DRDO, Kanpur in August, 2015. Dr. Prasad is a B.Tech. with Honours (1985) and a Ph.D. (1993) in Metallurgical Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi, India. In his career, Dr. Prasad has made significant and outstanding contributions to the design and development, comprehensive characterization, and the airworthiness certified production of several aerospace materials, viz., (i) Al and Al-Li alloys for the LCA, LCH and Indian Space Programme, (ii) Aero Steels, including Maraging and PH Steels for Indian Missile Programmes, (iii) High Strength and High Temperature Ti Alloys, including -Ti alloys for LCA slat tracks and landing gear, (iv) Advanced Ultrahigh Temperature materials – Mo and Ti Intermetallics, Monolithic Ceramics (Structural Alumina, Graphite and SiC), Carbon, Silica and SiC-based Continuous Fibre-reinforced Ceramic-matrix Composites (CFCCs), (v) Modular Composites for Bullet Proof Jackets and LCH Armour, and (vi) Radar Absorbing Stealth Materials, Structures and Coatings for Indian Airborne Platforms and Systems. As the Regional Director of RCMA (Materials), CEMILAC, Dr. Prasad is instrumental in realizing defence hardware worth more than Rs. 1400 Crores with 180 provisional clearances, 11 type approvals and more than 10 ToTs.

After taking over as Director at DMSRDE, Dr. Prasad made some very significant and innovative changes and thus provided several new directions for Research, Technology and Product Development in the broad areas of Non-Metallic and Functional Materials, viz.: (i) Polymer Science and Technologies, (ii) Technical Textiles, (iii) Fibre Science and Production Technologies, (iv) Camouflage and Stealth Materials and Technologies, (v) Nanostructured Materials and Composites, (vi) High Temperature, High Viscosity Fuels and Lubricants and (vii) Personal Protection Systems. Under his direction, DMSRDE has progressed from a mere 4 Crore project outlay to 120 Crores within 2 years with 8 sanctioned projects, 70+ identified products for realization, 14 new research areas to pursue, and more than 10 task activities as precursors for new projects. His dedicated efforts resulted in providing some outstanding successful solutions for Personal Protection Systems for Indian Army, HOTS Oil for Aero Engines, Paints and Coatings for Radar Absorption Structures, Stealth Materials for Mobile and Personal Systems and many an Important Stores for Indian Army. He led with distinction the Design, Development and Fabrication of modular structures and their successful Qualification for the most challenging personal protection system, namely the Bullet Proof Jackets for the Indian Army’s GSQR-1438. Based on these outstanding contributions, DRDO has awarded DMSRDE the prestigious Titanium Trophy by adjudging DMSRDE as the best S&T Laboratory of DRDO for the year 2016.

Dr. Prasad’s prolific research has resulted in over 220 articles in peer-reviewed national and international journals and conference proceedings (including 30 written/edited books and book chapters), as well as 26 classified and unclassified and also peer reviewed technical reports; and the highly acclaimed first International Monograph by Elsevier, USA on Al-Li Alloys in 2014, and a 2-Book Vade Mecum on Aerospace Materials and Material Technologies by IIM / Springer Publications, Singapore, in 2017. He has also authored nearly 100 confidential reports and finalized more than 260 certification documents for DRDO.

In recognition of these contributions, Dr. Prasad has received several national and international awards: The first YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD in the Materials Stream of Indian Science Congress Association (1991); YOUNG METALLURGIST Award of Indian Institute of Metals from Ministry of Steel (1994), Research Fellowship from the Prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Germany (1998-1999), Visiting Scientist at Max-Planck-Institute, Stuttgart, Germany (1998-1999), Binani Gold Medal (IIM, 2006), the National Metallurgist Day’s METALLURGIST OF THE YEAR Award from Ministry of Steel & Mines (2010), AICTE-INAE Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Andhra University and Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (INAE, 2012- 2016), IIT-BHU(MET)’s Distinguished Alumnus Award (2013), and the prestigious Dr. VM Ghatge Award of Aeronautical Society of India (2014). He has also led several national and DRDO committees with distinction. Dr. Prasad is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineers (India) [FIE, in 2009], Indian Institute of Metals [FIIM, in 2011], AP Akademi of Sciences [FAPAS, in 2011], Fellow of Aeronautical Society of India (FAeSI, in 2016), Fellow of Asia Pacific Academy of Materials [FAPAM, in 2017] and Founder Fellow of Indian Structural Integrity Society [FInSIS, in 2018].


Product & Technologies

Protective Clothing for High Altitude Areas

Textile based habitat & logistic stores

Survival & life support items

Nbc system


Hydraulic Fluid : PEGCOL-89 Oil OSB-4, OSB-14 & OSB-16
Coolant Fluid : DAFC 30 (DMSRDE-Anti Freeze Coolant) Hydraulic Fluid: DAFC 60
Coolant Fluid : DAFC50 Hydraulic Fluid: OHMB (Oil Hydraulic Mineral Buffer)
Coolant Fluid : Prolene-65 Oil M3-52
Corrosion Inhibitor Fluids: ARS-70 and ARS(M)-70 Gun Recoil Fluid PES-3
Grease No. 9 Universal Recoil Fluid
Grease OKB-122-7 Calibrating Oil
Grease XG-460 Hydrophobizing Liquid
Anticorrosive grease PVK Additive Run-in Diesel
Grease hypermetric sticks Engine Starting-Aid Capsule
Grease Ciatum-221 Rust Converter
Grease VNIINP-282 Anti-seize compound ZX-13
Grease Ciatum 221S Anti-seize compound ZX-28
Grease Texclade-2 Elastomeric Seals for LCA
Grease PFMS-4S PU Conductive Sealants
Lubricating Oil: OX-320 Structure Adhesive

Although the technologies have been developed keeping in view the needs of Services by putting in extensive R&D efforts, many of them are equally useful for civil sector. Some of these technologies are:-

  • Additive Run Diesel
  • Rust Converter
  • Life Jacket
  • Moisture Resistant Corrugated Fibre Board Box
  • Glycol Based Antifreeze Coolant
  • Engine Starting Aid Capsules
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Concentrate Packs
  • Auto Rust & Scale Inhibitor (ARS-70)
  • Splint Inflatable
  • Survival Blanket
  • Jacket Windcheater
  • Trouser Windcheater
  • Gloves Glacier
  • Anti-Riot Shield
  • Anti-Riot Helmet
  • Alcogel
  • Footwear for Leprosy Patients
  • Polymer Heart Valve

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