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Defence Food Research Laboratory


About Lab

The Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL) was established in 28th December, 1961 under the aegis of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India, at Mysore especially to cater to the strategic operational requirements of our Services and to provide logistical support in the area of food supplies and varied food challenges of Indian Army, Navy, Air force and other Paramilitary Forces.

In operational situations, the soldiers are deprived of the fresh produce needed to sustain life processes. Even normal regime of cooking becomes extremely cumbersome and difficult. The R & D efforts at DFRL are aimed at designing and engineering lightweight, convenience pack rations for Army, Navy, Air Force and other Paramilitary Forces, which do not require any elaborate cooking or preparation at the consumer’s end and remain shelf-stable under varying climatic conditions for periods ranging from 6 months to 1 year. This is the only Laboratory, which is exclusively engaged in Research and Development in the field of Food Science and Technology for Defence Forces. Prior to the inception of DFRL, the laboratory functioned as a Food Group within the precincts of Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi.

DFRL, through the dedicated efforts of its scientists and technologists, over the last five and half decades, has been able to conserve, preserve, stabilize, design, fabricate and engineer a vast array of food products of Indian dietary which are not only shelf stable under all weather conditions but also deliver adequate nutrition and energy to keep the morale of our Service personnel high at all times. Through enormous and substantive contributions, DFRL has developed a wide variety of food products of Indian dietary matching the mainframe palate tastes of the country. Many of the DFRL foods, born out of innovative state-of-the-art technologies, lend themselves eminently suitable to industrial scale commercial exploitation by enterprising entrepreneurs of different genre. DFRL also has products which are exports worthy.

DFRL can be reckoned as the leader in convenience foods and packed ration developments in this country. Indigenous ingenuity is the hallmark of most of the technologies developed at DFRL.

Dr Anil Dutt Semwal Sc G

Dr Anil Dutt Semwal Sc G,assumed charge as Director, Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), DRDO, Mysuru with effect from 1st October 2018. Prior to this assignment, he was working as Scientist ‘G’ in Grain Science Technology Division and as Associate Director (Technology Transfer & Exhibition, Academic & Food Quality Assurance Divisions) in Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysuru.

Dr AD Semwal completed MSc in Chemistry from Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal) Uttarakhand and obtained his Doctorate from University of Mysore, Mysuru, Karnataka in Chemistry. He started his career as Scientist ‘B’ in DFRL in the year 1987 and actively contributed in development of protective packaging systems for transportation of edible oil in tin and enhancing shelf stability of refined & blended edible oils for their induction in Services during his initial year of service.

His studies on factors influencing lipid peroxidation and their control mechanism, to enhance shelf life of processed foods and development of convenience/instant/ Ready to Eat (RTE) foods using various processing technologies resulted in the development of more than 100 nutritious energy dense food products for the Armed Forces such as preserved and flavoured chapaties, thermally processed long term (No preservative) chapaties, instant food products, anti-oxygenic salt, vegetable katti rolls, RTE Bars, Jiffy food products, etc.

Dr AD Semwal made significant contributions towards the development of various operational rations such as emergency flying ration, survival ration, Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) ration, Main Battle Tank ration, submarine crew ration and compo pack ration and their induction to services as well indigenization of low cost food processing equipments such as automatic chapati making machine, Bar making machine, etc., to meet the requirement of Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces.

He was instrumental for the development of novel innovative food processing technologies such as cold shock dehydration technologies for instantisation of foods, Infra Red and Microwave processing technologies and combination processing technologies for development of Jiffy food products.

As a propagator of self-reliance, he has successfully motivated entrepreneurs and industries for adoption of modern food processing technologies developed by DFRL, which resulted in transfer of more than 321 technologies to 214 industries for production and supply of safe and nutritious food products to civilian population. He also contributed to the nation during OP Vijay, OP Sahayata, National Disaster Relief Operations (Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Chennai, Kerala and Karnataka) and Antarctica Mission by supplying large quantities of processed food for the needy people within a short period of time.

He has published more than 130 Research papers in National/International journals and presented 170 papers in National/International Conferences. He has 11 patents on food processing technologies. He is the recipient of various awards such as NN Mohan Memorial Award, Kejriwal Award, Technology Group Award (DRDO), Scientist of the year Award (DRDO-Lab Level), Best Research paper Award, etc. He is Vice-Chairman and life member of the Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (AFSTI), India and life member of Indian Science Congress Association, Founder Member of Afro Asian Food Scientist and Technologists Institutions (AAFOSTI) and Principal member of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for Food Grains and Starches.

Products/Technologies for civil sector

The various technologies, which have been developed through the sustained and dedicated efforts of scientists at DFRL, encompass the following:


  • Retort pouch processing technology
  • High temperature short time (HTST) preservation technology
  • Cold shock dehydration technology
  • Food additive technology
  • Accelerated freeze drying technology
  • Pneumatic drying technology
  • Flaking technology
  • Fluidised bed drying technology
  • Spray drying technology
  • Hurdle process technology
  • Intermediate moisture food processing technology
  • Extrusion technology
  • Compressed food technology
  • Combination dehydration technology
  • Stack encapsulation technology
  • Post harvest technologies for shelf life extension of fresh produce
  • Minimal processing technologies for fresh produce
  • Food irradiation technology
  • High pressure processing technology
  • Pulsed electric field technology
  • Micronisation technology


Ready to eat retort pouch processing technology

  • Vegetable pulav
  • Plain Rice
  • Potato peas curry
  • Rajam curry
  • Dal fry
  • Paneer peas curry
  • Egg curry
  • Chicken curry
  • Chicken pulav
  • Vegetable noodle
  • No preservative chapaties

Other Ready to eat (RTE) products

  • Preserved and flavoured chapathies
  • Short term preserved chapathies
  • Stuffed parothas
  • Appetizers
  • Chicken biscuits
  • Flax cookies
  • Flax munch
  • Coco cocoa delight bar
  • Composite tasty bar
  • Ergogenic bar
  • Flax oat tasty bar
  • High energy bar
  • Omega-3-rich bar
  • Protein rich mutton bar
  • Nutri food bar
  • Sweet & sour tasty bar

Ready to reconstitute / ready to cook products

  • Instant coconut chutney mix
  • Instant cooking pulses and dal flakes
  • Instant cooking rice
  • Instant dal curries
  • Instant idly sambar mix
  • Instant soji halwa mix
  • Instant upma mix
  • Instant whole pulse and their curries
  • Variety of freeze dried fruit juice powders
  • Sea buckthorn based herbal tea
  • Flavoured Chapattis
  • Sea buckthorn based spiced squash
  • Flax chapathi mix
  • Flax sweet mix
  • Millet kheer mix
  • Millet chapathi mix
  • Millet roti mix
  • Millet dosa mix
  • Millet pakoda mix
  • Millet halwa mix
  • Millet dokla mix
  • Ragi cookie mix
  • Appetizer mix
  • Millet beverage mix

Ready to drink juices and Beverages

  • Tender coconut water
  • Aloe passion drink
  • Brahmi drink
  • Ash gourd juices
  • Alovera juice
  • Vegetable juices

Detection kits

Milk testing kit

Meat testing kit

Analytical test kits

  • Pesticide detection kit
  • Presumptive test kit for coliform detection
  • Acidity testing paper strips

Other Products

  • Ethylene absorbing formulation
  • Minimally processed vegetables
  • Preservative coating for fruits & vegetables
  • Hurdle technology based preserved fruits & vegetables

Details of Exhibits:

Sl No Exhibit Nomenclature Size/ Volume/Area/Dimension Weight Power Requirements
01 Meals Ready-to-eat (MRE) Ration for services 20 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm 1.7 kg NA
02 Meals Ready-to-eat (MRE Non Veg) Ration for services 20 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm 1 kg NA
03 Meals Ready-to-eat (MRE Non Veg) Ration for Navy 20 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm 1 kg NA
04 Mini Meals Ready-to-eat (MRE non Veg) Rations for Services 20 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm 1 kg NA
05 Emergency Survival Ration 10 cm x 10 cm x 8 cm 500 gm NA
06 Emergency Flying Ration 7.5 cm x 10 cm x 2.5 cm 170 gm NA
07 Retort Processed Ready-to Eat Foods (15 no’s of Different Items) 20 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm (single Item) 1 kg NA
08 Long Term (No Preservative) Chapaties and Katti Rolls (4 no’s of Different Items) 20 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm (single Item) 300 gm NA
09 Ready-to- eat Bars and Biscuits (10 no’s of Different Items) 16 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm (Single Item) 500 gm NA
10 Ready-to-reconstitute Food Products (15 no’s of Different Items) 16 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm (Single Item) 500 gm NA
11 Ready-to-drink Juices & Beverages (6 no’s of Different Items) 18 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm (Single Item) 1 kg NA
12 Freeze and Spray Dried Juice Powder Mixes (6 no’s of Different Items) 16 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm (Single Item) 200 gm NA
13 Hurdle Technology Preserved Fruits (5 no’s of Different Items) 15 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm (Single Item) 200 gm NA
14 Milk Testing Kit 10 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm 200 gm NA
15 Conductive Hot Plate for Baval Kitchen Galleys 60 cm x 54 cm x 97 cm 2 kg NA
15 Conductive Hot Plate for Baval Kitchen Galleys 60 cm x 54 cm x 97 cm 2 kg NA