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Armament Research & Development Establishment


About Lab

Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) Pune

ARDE. Pune was formed in the year 1958 by the merger of erstwhile Technological Development Establishments at Jabalpur and at Kirkee, Pune. During the initial period, ARDE functioned from its temporary location at Ammunition Factory. Kirkee. In 1966 ARDE shifted to its present sprawling location at Pashan, Pune. Since then ARDE has witnessed phenomenal growth in its activities. The multi disciplinary activities of ARDE encompass research, design, development, testing, evaluation and transfer of technology. ARDE interacts with production agencies such as Ordnance Factory Board and QA agencies. ARDE developed products have undergone rigorous testing under varying environmental conditions. ARDE is a front runner Laboratory in the development of Conventional Armament systems & has fulfilled Users requirements from time to time with the credo “Service to the Services”. Five decades of solid, unrivalled contributions to the cause of self-reliance in Armaments has been achieved by the lab.

  • Design & Development of Conventional Armaments (CA) for the Services and Para-Military Forces
  • Basic and applied research, modelling, simulation and software development in the field of Conventional Armaments
  • ToT to Production/ QA agencies for Productionisation
  • Pilot plant production of critical stores/ materials
  • Assistance to industry in production of armament stores
  • Life Extension and Product Improvement Programmes (PIPs) for in-Service equipment
  • Development of armament stores for non-MoD Agencies

ARDE has a mix of functional plus project centric organizational structure along with support / service groups working cohesively towards the objectives of the organization.

It is a vibrant establishment with more than 900 men and women scientists, engineers, civilians and service officers-working hand-in-hand, implementing major systems and subsystems programmes like Pinaka. IGMDP Warheads, MSMC, ADRUSHYA munitions, Armament for Arjun and CSS for LCA, enabling the country to achieve its objective of selfreliance in the field of Armaments. The laboratory activities are supported by Technology Management Group, Technical Information & Resource Centre, Prototype Manufacturing Unit, Range facilities: Pilot Plants for Power Cartridges & PZT, Materials, Management services for material testing, Material Management Division, Human Resource Division. Planning. Transport and other support services.

Dr. K M Rajan

Distinguished Scientist

Dr. K M Rajan, a Mechanical Engineer, has a meritorious academic career, having received First Class with Distinction in B.Tech (NIT Calicut). He has done M.Tech and PhD in the area of Flow Forming from IIT Bombay. He also has an MBA degree with specialization in Human Resource Management and Project Management. and German language certification from Pune University. Dr. Rajan has 34 years of experience in the design and development of various Armament systems. particularly Artillery Rockets. He has international recognition for his work in the area of Flow Forming of Rocket Motors and is a well known Rocket Propulsion expert.

As Director ARDE from 1st April 2014, Dr. Rajan has guided project teams for technology development and initiated new proposals in weapon systems and ammunition with the aim to equip Indian Armed Forces with latest products for war preparedness. He has implemented systematic Project Monitoring through Project Management software and Quality and Reliability methodologies for robust product design. He has made constant efforts to strengthen the Human Resources through relevant training and re-align HR with organizational goals.

A milestone contribution has been the Productionization and ToT of Pinaka, the world class Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System designed and developed by ARDE, which is the Army’s frontline weapon system. More than 6000 Pinaka Rockets have been supplied to the Army. Users have projected the requirement for 1.9 lakh Rockets and 22 MBRS regiments. Dr. Rajan has contributed to the design of Pinaka Rockets and MBRLS. He has spearheaded the development of Pinaka Mk-II having an enhanced range of 60 km and remarkable accuracy and consistency. In addition to the pre-fragmented warhead, the firepower of Pinaka has received a major boost due to the successful performance of the Area Denial Munition warhead which has been recommended by Users for induction.

His vast experience in Rocket technologies has enabled Dr. Rajan to guide the range enhancement of GRAD 122 mm Rocket available with the Army from 20 km to nearly 40 km.

The development of Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) is going full steam under his guidance, which involves private industries and other agencies, thus paving the way for realization of the first ever 155mm/52 calibre Artillery Gun for the Nation. Small Arms projects on Carbines, Assault Rifles and other LICO weapons are being progressed under his guidance. Tank ammunition projects have been taken up by ARDE for continuous improvement of lethality.

Dr. Rajan is ably steering ARDE in the field of Precision Guided Munitions, such as Laser guided ATGM for MBT Arjun MK-II, 80 km range Guided Pinaka and 450 kg Guided bomb. Design & development of a variety of warheads for tactical missiles are being progressed at ARDE. The New Family of Munitions programme comprising six different types of mines is also at an advanced stage.

Dr. Rajan has made immense contributions to Infrastructure development in order to progress various projects and technologies related to Armament design and development, such as, modern Prototype Manufacturing facilities, Rocket Technology Centre. Gun Integration Facility, state-of-the-art Fuze simulation facility, Structural load test facility for Aircraft bombs, Security Complex with Access Control System. well developed Test & Evaluation set-ups and an ultra modern Information Centre for Armament Technology.

Dr. Rajan has more than 86 research publications in International Peer Reviewed Journals and conferences and several invited talks in International conferences and seminars to his credit. He is a recognized PhD guide. He has been felicitated with DRDO Performance Excellence Award 2002 & 2012, Lab Technology Group Award 2008 & 2012, HEMSI Silver Jubilee Award 2012, Scientist of the year Award 2011, AeSI Dr. Biren Roy Trust Award 2015 & DRDO Agni Award for Excellence in Self Reliance 2015.

Dr. Rajan is a fellow of Aeronautical Society of India, fellow of Institution of India and President of INSARM National Council. He is a life member of HEMSI. ISNDT and ASI.


  • Piezo Ceramics Materials/Devices
  • TOT to Central Electronics Ltd applications in
  • Rubber Bullet/ Baton Round for riot control for Police/MHA.
  • Bat Bomb for pest control for Agriculture Ministry.


SI.NO Exhibit's Nomenclature Dimension L x B x H (mm) Weight(kgs) Power Req. Additional/ Other Requirements
1 250 kg Prefragmented Bomb (Full Model) 930x340x300 8 No Display chart of size 880 mm x 530 mm will be fixed above the model
2 120 kg Prefragmented Bomb (Full Model) 930x340x300 10 No
3 250kg Prefragmented Bomb (Section Model) 675x320x295 5 No
4 120 kg Prefragmented Bomb (Section Model) 675x320x295 6 No
5 250 kg HSLD Bomb (Full Model) 970x270x260 6 No
6 250 kg HSLD Bomb (Section Model) 970x270x260 6 No
7 450 kg HSLD Bomb ( Full Model) 1190x320x310 8 No
8 450 kg HSLD Bomb (Section Model) 1190x320x310 10 No
9 68mm Arrow Rocket — HE Warhead (Full Model) 1040x210x210 6 No
10 68mm Arrow Rocket — HE Warhead (Section Model) 1040x210x210 6 No
11 68mm Arrow Rocket — HC Warhead (Full Model) 1040x210x210 6 No
12 68mm Arrow Rocket — HE Warhead (Section Model) 1040x210x210 6 No
13 500 kg GP Bomb (Section Model) 1140x260x310 14 Yes
14 500 kg PF Bomb (Section Model) 940x230x300 14 Yes
15 450 kg HSLD Bomb with Griffin Kit (Section Model) 1480x260x380 20 Yes
16 PCB & Blast Warheads for SHAW 1040x210x210 for each 6 x 2nos. No
17 ASTRA Missile Warhead 220x220x250 10 No
18 AAKASH Missile Warhead 450x450x500 5 No
19 HELINA Missile Warhead 800x300x255 10 No
20 INS GPS Guidance Kit for 450 kg HSLD Bomb 1290x320x310 10 No
21 Canpoy Severance System (CSS) for Tejas 1020x870x770 15 No