Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru

20th (Wed) - 24th(Sun), February 2019

Aeronautical Development Establishment


About Lab

Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) is one of the laboratories under Aero Cluster of Defence R&D organization (DRDO), which is responsible for the development of various kinds of Aeronautical systems. ADE is the nodal agency for development of Unmanned Aerial systems for Indian armed forces.

ADE was established on 5th January 1959, with the mandate to support the acquisition of equipment by the Air Force & type approval of aeronautical stores supplied by the industry. During Sixties, in addition to the mandated tasks such as Evaluation trials of specialized equipment imported by IAF and Evaluation of Aircraft for type certification, ADE saw the development of Hovercraft. ADE made valuable strides in the areas of Ground Transmitter – Receiver, Regulated Power Supply Unit, IFF equipment etc. during the period.

Rapid expansion of R&D activities took place during the seventies and eighties. During this period, ADE was assigned the task of Design and Development of air-launched expendable target aircraft systems, Pilot training simulators, Re-usable rocket pods, Headup displays, Electro-optic sensors, Flight Control System evaluation, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic radome, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) of two classes – the high speed UAV (i.e. PTA) for realistic simulation of enemy aircraft and low speed UAVs (i.e. RPV) for reconnaissance & surveillance purposes & digital fly-by-wire FCS for Light Combat Aircraft.

The Nineties saw the emergence of ADE as a major Aeronautical Systems Research Laboratory of the Defense R&D Organization and practically involved in all major aspects of aeronautical research, design and development pertaining to military aviation.

The period since 2000 has become a very productive one for ADE in the areas of Delivery of Nishant to Army under LSP; Delivery of PTA Lakshya to all three services through LSP; Development of Rustom 1 MALE UAV; Development & Production of AGCS; Development of DFCC for UAVs & Tejas; Delivery of CPSS to Airforce; Delivery of APTT, Development and realization of FLYDAQ – a Field deployed telemetry station for UAV development flights; Development of Mini & Micro UAVs, etc.

Aeronautical Test Range (ATR) has been established at Challakere near Chitradurga and forty flights of TAPAS BH-201 have been completed till date. Fifth flight of Nirbhay has been successfully conducted and preparations are under way for the sixth flight. TAPAS UAV and Nirbhay integration hangers have been set up. Full Mission Simulator for training squadron pilots of LCA has been set up at ADE and is also coming up at Sulur. A world class Active Electronically Scanning Antenna Array measurement facility at ATR, Chitradurga is coming up.

Thrust Areas:
  • Pilotless Target Aircrafts.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
  • Engineering and Pilot training Simulator.
  • Flight Control Systems.
  • Pilot Selection System.
  • Air Weapons.


  • Configuration design
  • Aerodynamic design database generation
  • Wind tunnel model design and testing
  • Propeller design and development
  • Store separation simulation and testing


  • Propulsion system integration
  • Fuel system management
  • Air intake design and analysis
  • Booster integration

Flight Control & Simulation

  • Fly by wire control System
  • Autonomous Flight Design
  • Flight Control System Design
  • HILS System Design
  • Verification & Validation
  • Cockpit Display System Design
  • Flight Simulation
  • Pilot in Loop Simulation


  • Gimbal Payload Assembly


  • Air Vehicle Design
  • Flight Testing


  • System Engineering
  • System Design
  • Configuration Management

Flight Test, Tele-Command and Tracking

  • Tele- Command Design
  • Tracking System Design
  • Telemetry System Design
  • Ground Control Station


  • Airframe Analysis and Design including Composites
  • CG Management & Layout Design
  • Aero-Elastic Analysis
  • Structural Testing
  • Mechanical Design of Actuators
  • Undercarriage system design
  • Payload housing Design

Shri MVKV Prasad

Outstanding Scientist/Sc H

SHRI MVKV PRASAD, Distinguished Scientist, DRDO is presently the Director of Aeronautical Development Establishment at Bengaluru. He was associated with the development of various Missile Systems at the Defence Research & Development Laboratory, Hyderabad, for almost 28 years. He served as the Team Leader for Joint Development of Long Range Surface to Air Missile System at Israel for 3 years. Subsequently he became the Director of Integrated Test Range at Chandipur, Odisha. His specialization is in Aerospace Instrumentation and Flight Vehicle Development and Testing.

Joined DRDO on 31 Jan 1984.

Education qualification:
He received his B.Tech in Electronics & Communication from JNTU, Ananthapur.
MTech in (Instrumentation & Control systems) from SV University


  • Research
    • Scientific/Engineering Discipline: INSTRUMENTATION
    • Field of Specialization: Ground & Flight Testing of Missiles & UAV Systems
  • Managerial and Administrative
    • Details of managing projects:
      1. Dy PROJECT DIRECTOR, LRSAM (2006-201)
      2. Program Director Nirbhay


Technologies/facilities available at ADE that have applications to civil sector are as follows:

  • Composite Structures and Materials Technology
    1. UAV Composite Airframe Design
    2. Airborne Composite Radomes
    3. Test and Evaluation
  • Crew Station technologies
    1. Pilot Displays
    2. Cockpit Panels
    3. Voice Command
  • Electronics Engineering Fabrication & Environmental Test Centre
  • Aircraft Simulation Technology
  • Aerial Image Exploitation Technology
  • Flight Test Telecommand and Tracking Technology
    1. Telecommand System
    2. Ground Control System
    3. Scoring Systems
    4. Telemetry Packages
  • Mission Sensors Technology
    1. Gimbaled Payload Assembly (GPA)
    2. Three Axis Motion Simulator (TAMS)
  • Unmanned Air Vehicles, Systems and Facilities
    1. Nishant
    2. Micro Air Vehicles
    3. Rustom1 UAV
    4. Aerodynamics
    5. Structural Design and Testing
    6. Flight Control Systems
    7. Flight Mechanics Analysis
    8. HILS Testing
    9. Environmental Test Facilities
    10. Printed Circuit Design Facility
  • Mechanical Components Manufacture & Inspection Centre.

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