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Organiser sri r swami

Shri R Swaminathan

DS, APGD (Current Programmes) , TD (GS) & Dir (MM)

Mr. R. Swaminathan Outstanding Scientist, TD(GS) and Director(MM) has vast experience in the Mechanical System, Product Design Development , and Qualification testing for its ultimate application on Tejas Indian Light Combat Aircraft towards its Flight testing and induction into service. Under his able guidance the Tejas, Mechanical systems encompassing Fuel system, Hydraulics, Under carriage, Environmental Control System, Seat and Escape System, Secondary Power System were successfully integrated on Tejas aircraft.

Earlier, as a Principal Co-ordinator at CVRDE Chennai, he was responsible for the ab-initio development of Aircraft Mounted Accessories Gear Box, Hydraulic System Filters and Launched Indigenous design and development of flexible PTO shaft design and development also. He pioneered in establishing state- of the- art test rigs at this work centre. In his capacity a Member Secretary and later as Vice Chairman Aero India Exhibition & Organising Committee, he has successfully organised many International Air shows both in India as well as abroad.

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