aero india air show 2019

Organiser sri h s nagraj

Shri H S Nagaraj

Sct ‘G’, ADA Member Secretary & Convener

Mr. H S Nagaraj, Sc ‘G’, B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering is working in the General System Directorate of ADA. He has 26 years of experience in the field of Mechanical System. He has vast experience in the field of Engine Airframe Mechanical Integration. While he worked as a team member along with power plant group of HAL, ARDC. His specialization in Secondary Power Systems (SPS), Design, Development and Integration on Tejas Aircraft. He is responsible for the Design & Development of Aircraft Mounted Accessories Gearbox (AMAGB) right from the project inception stage to the integration and successful Flight Testing of this crucial LRU of Tejas. The critical indigenous SPS, LRUs like AMAGB, PTO shaft and JFS were realised from its inception to productionisation stages through his concerted efforts. In his capacity as Member Secretary & Convenor of DRDO-ADA Organising Committee, Aero India 2013 is the third time that he is entrusted to handle.

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