Air Force Station Yelahanka, Bengaluru

20th (Wed) - 24th(Sun), February 2019


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Technical Development Establishment (TDEs) of the Indian Army and the Directorate of Technical Development & Production (DTDP) with the Defence Science Organisation (DSO). DRDO was then a small organisation with 10 establishments or laboratories. Over the years, it has grown multi-directionally in terms of the variety of subject disciplines, number of laboratories, achievements and stature.

DRDO (Defence Research & Development Organisation), with its vision of getting transformed into a technological leader of world class. DRDO has emerged today as a premier technology center of Ministry of Defence, Government of India. DRDO has more than 50 laboratories, which are deeply engaged in developing defence technologies covering various disciplines, like aeronautics, armaments, electronics, combat vehicles, engineering systems, instrumentation, missiles, advanced computing and simulation, special materials, naval systems, life sciences, training, information systems and agriculture. Presently, the Organisation is backed by over 5000 scientists and about 25,000 other scientific, technical and supporting personnel. Several major projects for the development of missiles, armaments, light combat aircrafts, radars, electronic warfare systems etc are on hand and significant achievements have already been made in several such technologies.

ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency), is an autonomous Design and Development agency, functioning under the Department of Defence Research &Development, Ministry of Defence, Government of India. ADA is entrusted with the responsibility of Design & Development of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), named as TEJAS. LCA is the smallest, light-weight, all weather, multi-role, air-superiority fighter aircraft designed for air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea combat roles.

The Tejas development programme is in advanced stage, has completed Initial Operation Clearance (IOC) requirements and obtained Final Operation Clearance (FOC) Phase-1. Tejas has completed more than 4400+ flawless flight trials till date and continuing system performance towards reaching Final Operational Clearance (FOC) in its full perspective.

Indian Air Force (IAF), has placed production order on HAL for 40 LCAs and production activity is in progress.

LCA’s other variants include Two-seater LCA-Trainer and LCA-Navy with capability of taking-off from Aircraft Carrier Ship as well as Ship Deck landing capability with Arrestor Hook Recovery System incorporated.

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